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New Album COMPUTANT out NOW!

What people are saying about COMPUTANT:

“Some tracks wander into jazz-funk territory. Some sound like indie rock. Brewed together, those sounds, the inventive nature of the trio and a tasty application of the vibraphone make Us, Today a band on the rise that can be savored right now.”

-NPR, All Things Considered

"Us, Today's virtuosity and vigorous arrangements warrant a much larger audience, preferably as quickly as possible." 
-Jim Fusilli, The Wall Street Journal

“Computant is a treat, with effected vibraphones vying with mathy drum grooves, cruncy guitar motifs and electronic elements.  It’s incredibly listenable with, ahem, good vibes.”

-Grant Moon, PROG Magazine (UK)


“On new album Computant, Us, Today pushes things ever further, adding synths and electronic-drum elements to its sophisticated sonic stew. Perhaps most impressive is that the trio recorded the entire record over the course of one weekend, with most of the tracks only needing three or four takes.”

“A wild post-rock adventure, powered by complex percussion, jagged guitar lines, and bright vibraphone.”
-Bandcamp (New & Notable)

‘Computant’ can best be described as a buffet of sound; each track holding a distinct energy and vibe that’ll take the listener on a highly enjoyable audio voyage."

-Lindsey Anderson, Tom Tom Magazine

"On COMPUTANT, much of this experimentation takes the form of the band’s studies in controlled chaos. Much of the album finds the trio exploring the interplay between beauty and cacophony to create gut-punching mood shifts."

-Jude Noel, City Beat

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