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Here is what people are saying about "COMPUTANT"

“Some tracks wander into jazz-funk territory. Some sound like indie rock. Brewed together, those sounds, the inventive nature of the trio and a tasty application of the vibraphone make Us, Today a band on the rise that can be savored right now.”

-NPR, All Things Considered

"Us, Today's virtuosity and vigorous arrangements warrant a much larger audience, preferably as quickly as possible." 
-Jim Fusilli, The Wall Street Journal

“Computant is a treat, with effected vibraphones vying with mathy drum grooves, cruncy guitar motifs and electronic elements.  It’s incredibly listenable with, ahem, good vibes.”

-Grant Moon, PROG Magazine (UK)


“On new album Computant, Us, Today pushes things ever further, adding synths and electronic-drum elements to its sophisticated sonic stew. Perhaps most impressive is that the trio recorded the entire record over the course of one weekend, with most of the tracks only needing three or four takes.”

“A wild post-rock adventure, powered by complex percussion, jagged guitar lines, and bright vibraphone.”
-Bandcamp (New & Notable)

‘Computant’ can best be described as a buffet of sound; each track holding a distinct energy and vibe that’ll take the listener on a highly enjoyable audio voyage."

-Lindsey Anderson, Tom Tom Magazine

"On COMPUTANT, much of this experimentation takes the form of the band’s studies in controlled chaos. Much of the album finds the trio exploring the interplay between beauty and cacophony to create gut-punching mood shifts."

-Jude Noel, City Beat


Us, Today started as an organic experiment in sound.  With the unique instrumentation of vibraphone, keyboard, guitar, and drums they set out to create music that defies genre.  The group started with a chance meeting in 2010 at a coffee shop, and a discussion of a shared interest in St. Vincent.  The three members, Kristin Agee, Joel Griggs, and Jeff Mellott, began weekly improvisation session, experimenting with their unique sonic possibilities.  Improvisations turned into compositions.  To date, Us, Today has released three albums.  “RH Sessions” (2011), “Beneath the Floorboards” (2012) and  “TENENEMIES” (2015).  Each album shows a progression of the band, from a free improvisation background, to a more composed and polished sound.  Since their 2015 release, Us, Today has had the pleasure of sharing a stage with Sylvan Esso, Kishi Bashi, Deerhoof, Ghost-Note, and the Mike Dillon Band.  They have toured extensively through the midwest, and have played several festivals including Midpoint Music Festival (Cincinnati, OH) and Secret Stages (Birmingham, AL).  Their anticipated 4th album “Computant” (2018) shows another step in their sonic progression, to a more unified, electronic sound.


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Here is what people are saying about "T E N E N E M I E S":
"T E N E N E M I E S vibrates with sonic tension and visceral intent. It could also be one of the year’s best albums and break the band to a wider audience." - Brian Baker of Citybeat Magazine
"The album is a piece of art from start to finish. There were many times that I was listening to the album and found myself paralyzed waiting for the next note." - Courtney Phenicie of

"Us, Today has redefined the boundaries of experimental music within and beyond the Cincinnati scene with an unwavering commitment to finding the most creative intersection of disparate genres, instruments, and sounds.” 

-Brian Baker, City Beat

"T E N E N E M I E S is a focused collection that will please the open-minded listener with its economical approach that doesn’t skimp on excitement." - Andrew Patton of
"Us, Today have a very organic sound, grounded and almost spartan, defined by subtle innovation rather than flamboyant gimmicks. They choose to focus on precision and they build their hypnotic tracks from the interplay of well-defined, razor-sharp riffs, punctuated by the celestial vibraphone." - Mircea Laslo of Arctic Drones Magazine

2014 Citybeat Writup:

"For the past three years, Us, Today has redefined the boundaries of experimental music within and beyond the Cincinnati scene with an unwavering commitment to finding the most creative intersection of disparate genres, instruments, and sounds.  Exploring the wonderfully odd possibilities of guitar, vibraphone, keyboards and drums, the trio - Kristin Agee, Joel Griggs, and Jeff Mellott - has ingeniously fused the quirkiest and yet most appealing qualities of jazz, post-rock, electronic and ambient music, twisting their comonalities and exploiting their differences.  Us, Today recently concluded a successful Indigogo campaign to fund TenEnemies, the band's proposed thirst recording and the latest example of its melodic chaos and deliberate spontaneity in action.  Free your mind and Us, Today will follow." - Brian Baker


Mine All Mine Records review of the 2013 Us, Today/Lovely Socialite Split ep:

"Us, Today Create original tunes that are equally experimental and accessible at the same time, something few acts can successfully pull off.  This is no surprise, however, knowing the bands' considerable combined years of music education.  The bottom line is that they know what they are doing, and they do it well.  Us, Today (guitar, drums, vibraphone) start out with Long Since Forgotten, a tune that starts out rather laid back, but grows steadily with determined bursts over its 6-minute duration.  What follows is Violent Proclivity, which features stuble, subdued vibes and guitar that really highlight some intese drum work." - John Praw Kruse


2012 Citybeat Writeup:
"Kristin Agee (vibraphone/keys/electronics) and guitarist Joel Griggs first bonded over the music of St. Vincent, leading them to get together and forge the path Us, Today would eventually pursue. Drummer Jeff Mellott was the final piece of the puzzle, and, dubbing themselves Us, Today, the group began to bring its instrumental melange of styles to the clubs of greater Cincinnati. The band's adventurous, modern brand of Fusion gives them the versatility to appeal to a wide range of music fans and fit on nearly any bill." - Mike Breen

2011 Citybeat Writeup:
"Cincinnati has become a hotbed of jazzy experimental minimalism and Us, Today is a fascinating example of that incredible ethic in full bloom. The trio utilizes a relatively unconventional array of guitar, vibraphone, and drums and projects a heady blend of Jazz, Rock, Electronica and spartan Ambient elements through their uniquely refractional prism of improvisation and sense of musical adventure. Soothing yet compelling, structured yet loose, liltingly melodic yet noisily dissonant, Us, Today expands and redirects the parameters of experimental Jazz." - Brian Baker

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